wearemad sarenza georgia rose perfect pumpsI’VE BEEN on the look for a perfect pair of black suede pumps for a while. There’s been a few candidates on my mind as well, but it wasn’t until I spotted these Perfect suede pumps from Georgia Rose on Sarenza (yes the model is actually called Perfect) that I finally decided on a pair. It didn’t take me long to click order (the price didn’t make it any harder) and today they arrived at my doorstep. I was a little excited to try them on. Lately I’ve become a little rusty wearing heels and very custom to comfy sneakers… Luckily the Perfect pumps fit like a glove and feels very comfortable. They have a beautiful finish, feels nice and have a reasonable hight. They’ll fit perfectly in my bag for a footwear change on the go and I’ve already planned wearing them to a few Christmas parties in the nearest future.


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