wearemad tiger stempler stamps diy indpakning wrappingEARLIER THIS week I bought a set of small set of stamps from the Tiger shop for 30 DKK. I used them to make the numbers on an Advent Calendar. I just thought I’d pass on the tip, if any of you fell like doing something different with your calendars this year. I just passed this calendar on to my mom and got one for me in return. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday night ladies.

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wearemad partisaner taske DIYIF YOU are following @wearemad on Instagram, you probably got a glimpse of my new pillow, that I made a few days ago (while I should have been studying.. hmf) Well, I also made a bag. I made the exact same bag last year (in another color though), but I wasn’t completely satisfied with it. With a few moderations done, I think it works a little bit better the second time around.

//bag DIY

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IF YOU follow me on Instagram, you know that I posted a pic Yesterday of a DIY in the making – well here’s the result. A few weeks ago I found some samll pieces of leather and thought I would make them into a pouch…

You’ll need:
– Leather
– Zipper
– Sewing machine
– Scissors
– Tassels or leather string

EVER SINCE I bought my army jacket at MC Kormann at Nørrebro several seasons ago, I’ve been pulling it out every spring to wear throughout the summer. This year I though it was time for an update though, so I found some old broches in my jewelry box and attached them to one of the front pockets. The smart thing is, you can pull them off whenever, and do different colour combinations – well just a small tip 🙂

I FOUND these hair ties on tumblr and thought they would be a good idea for a DIY. Usually I always tie my hair up in a ponytail or loose bum, when I’m at home and I would love to have hair ties that looked like these. I’m sure you can find different elastic bands at Händler, Stof 2000 etc., and then you just have to cut them, depending on the thickness of your hair, and tie a knot. Simple!